4 Things to Do in Arizona

Arizona has some of the most incredible terrains in the country. Be amazed at the deep rocky canyons and the majestic high mountains of Arizona. As you’re preparing your esta visa, get ready to explore not just Arizona’s natural wonders but also its art galleries, historic buildings, and other man-made edifices. Never leave Arizona if you haven’t done any of these four things.

Visit Nature’s Greatest Wonders

No one comes to Arizona who never wants to see The Grand Canyon. This natural wonder has always been home to one of the best hiking trails in the world. The Colorado River shaped The Grand Canyon in all its grandeur today. Get on a helicopter and get overwhelmed as you look at the canyon below. The Monument Valley is just as mesmerizing with all its sharp rock formations. The landscape will captivate your soul, and the sand dunes will be temporarily hypnotic in their majesty.

Explore Abandoned Towns

When you got your esta visa ready, then don’t forget to visit the former mining town of Jerome. Restored buildings, as well as ruins, fill the place, but there are always plenty of restaurants and shops to explore. Check out the Sliding Jail and see how far it had moved from where they built it first. After which, check out another former mining town named Bisbee. The Mexican border makes it a great point where you mentally absorb the spectacular views of the mountains.

Discover Art and Architecture

Visit the almost 300-year-old art capital of Arizona at Tupac. Get your hands on the art galleries and shops. Enjoy the artist studios, and shop around as what the locals do. After which, go to London Bridge at Lake Havasu City. See whether it’s a worthy replica of the bridge over the actual Thames River in London. The Heard Museum also awaits you with its fine collection of Native American textile, pottery, jewelry, and dolls. Taliesin West comes next with its FLW School of Architecture. Explore the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s childhood here.

Dine With Elegance

When you dine in Arizona, go to Kai at Phoenix and savor Native American cuisine. Prepare to eat entrees with cactus pads and wheat berries while watching the beautiful sunset at the balcony. With Tucson famously known as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, expect some unique meals in this city. Fill your stomach with Ethiopian soups, Spanish tapas, and fresh seafood. Step into the Sonoran Desert and prepare for some unforgettable gastronomical treat.

Some Final Words

As you prepare your esta visa, you should know what to expect when you visit this magnificent and majestic Native American reservation called Arizona. Check out the visa procedure at and follow the steps. Do it right and fast, and you’ll be at the Grand Canyon in no time.